23 Sep 2017
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“Persona” Exhibition in Baltazar Dias

Persona RGB

Funchal’s City Hall will open on the 9th of August, at 18h00, the Contemporary Art exhibition “Persona”, in the Baltazar Dias Theatre.

This collective exhibition, site specific, with curatorship from Fátima Spínola, brings together 13 plastic artists of different nationalities: Carina Mendonça (Portugal), Carolina Askue (Venezuela), Carolina Fernandes (Portugal), Cristiana de Sousa (Portugal), DDiarte – Zé Diogo and Diamantino Jesus (Portugal), Hernando Urrutia (Spain), Jose Zyberchema (Spain), Luísa Spínola (Portugal), Luz Henriques (Portugal), Marcos Milewski (Argentina), Paulo Sérgio Beju (Portugal), Teresa Jardim (Portugal) and 11 Theatre personalities: Cristina Loja, Dinarte de Freitas, Diogo Correia Pinto, Eduardo Luíz, Edgar Fernandes, Élvio Camacho, Ester Vieira, Francisco Arraiol, Hugo Castro Andrade, Nuno Morna and Paula Erra.

“Persona” is a Latin-derived word for a type of Greek mask made with the intent of resonating with the actor’s voice (per sonare which means “to sound through”), allowing a better voice projection and appearance demanded by the character.

The project intends to commemorate the World’s Artist Day, which takes place during the month of August.

  • More information here
Location: Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias
Contact: 291 215 130
The exhibition will be available to the public from 9th August up to the 17th of September.

The information provided may be subject to change.


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