8 Oct 2015
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The tiny village of Romeiros is the most isolated area of Monte Parish.

From Curral dos Romeiros up to Bom Sucesso water spring, there are tree ways of going this levada:

- The shortest way – with an extension of about 2,5km, this one goes from the chapel of Curral dos Romeiros to the water spring of Bom Sucesso. The course is done through a footpath, in which people go down through cultivated slope until one reaches a natural belvedere, where acacias and bramble grow. From here we can enjoy the beauty of Ribeira João Gomes.

- An easy way – begins as you walk along the walking way that links Curral dos Romeiros and Largo das Babosas. Just before the bridge over Ribeira João Gomes, about 1k after you start, there's a rustic footpath on the left handside that takes you down to the water spring of Bom Sucesso Levada.

- The longest way – with nearly an extension of 2km of Levada dos Tornos, another Levada from the hills of Madeira, it goes round the valley of Ribeira João Gomes. This levada demands quite a lot from everyone, especially on its 1st bit – in between Curral dos Romeiros and Pisão's tunnel.

Throughout the levada, and keeping in mind that you are over 600m above sea level, several are the spots from where one can appreciate Funchal's Bay, as well as João Gomes Bridge, a remarkable example of the modern engineering in Madeira.

Peculiar about this Levada, is the fact that it gives you 2 options of doing it:

A – Curral dos Romeiros/Levada dos Tornos/Túnel do Pião/Babosas/Levada do Bom Sucesso/Capela Bom Sucesso – which takes about 4h and runs through 10km (level difficulty – 3)

B – Largo da Fonte/Largo das Babosas/Levada Bom Sucesso/Capela Bom Sucesso – that runs through 8km and takes up to 3h max.


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