23 Sep 2017
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Troço da Antiga Muralha
The constant corsair threat and the Philippine defence policy led to an increase of the city walls beyond the river João Gomes in the first half of the 17th century, thus defending only the east side of the city.

This defensive wall went all the way to the Fortress of São Tiago and ended with a gate to the sea, and, although it is missing, its presence is still evident in the access to the small beach of São Tiago, which gave its name to the neighbouring street Portão de São Tiago (Gate of São Tiago).
When Campo D. Carlos I was constructed, the walls on this part of the city were demolished, only the Fort of São Tiago and the restaurant “ A Muralha”, in Largo do Corpo Santo survived.


Almirante Reis/Cable Car Garden

The Almirante Reis Garden constitutes a new green lung to the east centre of the city, next to the Historical Area of Santa Maria (Old Town). This Public Garden presents a new conception characterized by wavy grassy platforms with trees. Pedestrian paths paved in traditional pebbles from the Region and in wood cross these platforms.

Monte cable car
Operating since 16th of November 2000, this Cable Car connects Funchal and Monte in about 15 minutes.
Opening Hours: 09:00 until 17:45

Entrance Fees:
One way trip:

  • Adults - 10€
  • Children from 7 to 14 years old - 5€
  • Children until 6 years old - free

Two way trip:

  • Adults -15€
  • Children from 7 to 14 years old -7,50€
  • Children until 6 years old, free

São Tiago beach
The beach, connected by foot access to Barreirinha, became almost an annex or an extension of that leisure complex. It is also easily accessible through the same streets that serve the Fortress of São Tiago.
Still maintaining a fragile traditional fishing activity, it is still possible to find in São Tiago beach some small and colourful fishing boats.

Barreirinha BEACH
Praia da Barreirinha
Located east of the Fortress São Tiago, below Socorro Church, the Barreirinha beach is a popular bathing place.

It is nowadays a pleasant place, inviting and safe with easy access, sun porches, life guards and appropriate places for recreational and sports activities.

Oficial Office of Santa Maria Maior Parish
Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior The office of Santa Maria Maior parish is located in the Street Santa Maria, no. 225, and it is installed in two buildings, which were recovered in 1998 and 2000/2001, respectively. This recovery kept the main walls, traditional carpentry and the floor in regional shingles-calhau rolado.

Typical House
Comissão Executiva
Situated in Rua de Santa Maria, nos. 168 -170, is a good example of civil architecture.

The Market of Funchal (Mercado dos Lavradores), a project by Edmundo Tavares (1892-1983), was inaugurated on the 25th of November 1940. It is a witness of the New State (Estado Novo) architecture by the grandiosity of its conception and the intention to make it the great supplier of the city

Manueline Style Door
Porta Manuelina
Located in Rua dos Barreiros no. 31, is a good example of Manueline style.

Madeira Story Centre
Centro Temático do Funchal - Madeira Story Centre In chronological steps, some summarizing centuries others specific events, visitors can "travel" through the following themes:

  • Volcanic Origins
  • Legends of the Discovery
  • Discovery of Madeira
  • Turmoil and Trade
  • Strategic Island
  • The Development of Madeira
  • After the Navigation
  • Explore Madeira
In addition to the central exhibition, the Madeira Story Centre has other facilities:

  • Panoramic terrace
  • Theme café decorated with scenes from the History of Madeira
  • Exclusive souvenir shop
Entrance Fees (per person)

  • Adult - 9,90€
  • Pensioners (+65) - 8,90 €
  • Children (5-14) - 4,95 €
  • Children (0-4) - Free
  • School Groups - 4,50€ * (Free for the Teacher)

*School Groups must book in advance

Opening Hours

  • Exhibition: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Shop: 10:00 - 19:00

Opened every day besides the 25th of December

Rua D. Carlos I, no. 27-29,
9060-051 Funchal
Madeira - Portugal

Telephone - general enquiries: (+351) 291 000 770
Fax: (+351) 291 000 789



Maximiano de Sousa STATUE
Busto de Maximiano de Sousa Maximiano de Sousa, more known by Max, was born in 1918 and died in 1981. He was one of the most popular artists in the Portuguese radio, theatre and television, from the forties until his death. His career as a composer and singer went beyond the islands: he spread the name of Madeira. He created such successes as: Noites da Madeira (Madeira Nights), Bailinho da Madeira (Madeira Dance) and Mula da Cooperativa (Cooperative Mule).

This beloved artist lived in one of the buildings in Largo do Corpo Santo, located in front of the place where today lays his bust dated from 1991 and sculptured by Luíza Clode.

João Carlos Abreu Nunes MEDALLION
Medalhão de João Carlos Abreu Nunes
A bronze medallion sculptured by Ricardo Velosa, is a homage from the local population to the present Secretário Regional do Turismo e Cultura (Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture), recognizing his dedication to value and recover the Historical Nucleus of Santa Maria. Ricardo Velosa has been supporting the preservation of the area for quite some time, and he initiated the process that got the area classified, which allows it to be legally protected. A politician, a journalist and a writer, he has been honoured with several regional, national and international honours.

In 2004 he funded the cultural centre "Universo de Memórias” where he gathered a valuable artistic collection (library, painting, jewellery and other artistic objects).

Almirante Reis PARKING LOT
Auto Silo do Almirante Reis
Built in July 2003, with capacity for 600 places, it is located in Rua Artur Sousa Pinga, near Avenida do Mar.

Address:  Rua Artur Sousa Pinga (near Avenida do Mar).

Telephone: 291 20 70 40

Opening Hours:

Everyday from 06:00 to 01:00

Closed: 25th of December, 1st of January  and Easter Sunday.


Monday to Friday from 06h00 to 21h00 / 1,05€ per hour

Monday to Friday from 21h00 to 01h00 / 0,60€ per hour

Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eve opened all night

Daily: 5,80€


Auto Silo da Forca
Built in October 2003, with capacity for 292 places, it is located in Largo da Forca.

Address: Rua Bela São Tiago (Largo da Forca)

Telephone: 291 20 70 40

Opening Hours:

Everyday from 7:00 to 21:00


Per hour: 0,60 €

Daily: 2,70 €

Per month: 52,50 €

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