20 Oct 2017
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The train from Monte, also known as elevator or lift, was a great contributor to the development of the parish of Monte, which would become the most known Tourist Resort in Madeira.


Railway of Monte
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The Monte Train was planned in 1886 by engineer Raúl Masnier Ponsard, also responsible for the lift in Santa Justa, in Lisbon.

Although the Madeiran people were reluctant to contribute capital for the Monte Railway Company, the first track between Pombal and Levada de Santa Luzia was inaugurated on the 16th of July 1893.

With a stop at the door of Monte Palace Hotel, the train continued until the stop in Largo da Fonte, which was the end of the line.

Later, the railway line was stretched until Terreiro da Luta with a total extension of 3850 meters.

On the 10 of September 1919 there was an explosion in the boiler of an engine when the train was going up to Monte.

From this accident 4 people died and there were lots of wounded. Because of the accident the trips were suspended during almost a year.

Due to financial difficulties from the company that own the line, the railway was closed in 1943. Soon afterwards, the rails were removed and the remaining material was sold.




Accident in the Railway line of Monte, 1919


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