20 Oct 2017
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The designation ''Quinta'', as a spacious living house surrounded by gardens started to diversify during the 18th century. It was usually a two-storey house, with large bedrooms, corridors, living room, quarters for servants, store-rooms and a place for the animals.
What characterizes ''Quinta Madeirense'' is its decorated garden with plants from the island and others from tropical areas, walks among trees and enchanting hiding places with stone benches and water fountains.
Manor estates (Quintas)


Each ''Quinta'' is unique. Different plants, different gardens, paths and the arrangement of the living quarters.
In the ''Quintas'' besides the large living quarters, there were areas for fruit trees, exotic trees and vegetable gardens.
Normally, the ''Quintas'' of Madeira had a chapel dedicated to the favourite Saint of the owner.
The ''Quinta'' was different from the ''solar'', as the first was a residence of rich people who lived on revenues most of the time and sometimes on trading. While ''solar'' was the residence of rich people who lived in the city, but owned a large house in the same location as their fields, or important people who lived in the town or parish and got their income mainly from agriculture.
The ''Quintas'' from the 18th century occupied larger spaces than the ones built in the 19th century. Generally, the ''Quintas'' were located in the suburbs of Funchal, at the time much more concentrated around the port.
By the end of the 18th century, some well off Madeiran people and foreigners began to install their summer houses in the parish of Nossa Senhora do Monte. Thus, the ''Quintas'' in this parish emerge in a variety of forms and later became permanent residence of Madeiran and foreign families, mainly English.




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