20 Oct 2017
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During the last quarter of the 19th century, the Island of Madeira was target of several initiatives in order to create essential infrastructures for tourism, which would develop during the following century.
The natural beauties of the island made it attractive to foreigners. Its exotic atmosphere pleased many artists who allow it to be known abroad. The landscapes, the main monuments, the 'Quinta', culture and traditions are well documented in their pictures, which were widely reprinted. Photography was also established in Madeira very early on and soon became a modern form to document the past and allow people to remember the best moments.
Hotels of the time
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In 1865, the town of Funchal was already quite equipped to receive tourists. At the time, some guesthouses and hotels existed already.
In 1904, the Monte Palace Hotel was inaugurated. Surrounded by a superb landscape it became very attractive to Portuguese and foreign tourists.
With architecture similar to the banks of the Rhine, this hotel, serviced by Monte train, had gorgeous gardens with natural springs and lakes.
The Monte Palace, was the best and biggest hotel in the parish of Monte, but there were others of smaller dimensions such as Reid's Mount Park Hotel, Grande Hotel Belmonte and Hotel Caminhata.





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