20 Oct 2017
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The Festival of Nossa Senhora do Monte Print E-mail
The Romaria de Nossa Senhora do Monte dates from the beginning of the colonization of the island, it is the biggest and most popular Christian festival in Madeira.
The festival begins on the 14th of August in the evening. It is very animated and lively and a great night of fun. Thousands of people come to the centre of the parish where nothing is missing including the traditional ''espetada'' beef on the skewer and the regional drinks from the island. Throughout the night there is singing and dancing, both contemporary and traditional rhythms.
The Festival of Nossa Senhora do Monte

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In the following day, 15th of August, dedicated to Santo de Guarda (Guardian Saint), after the mass, a great number of believers follow the procession, which walks along a great part of the parish.
A vast number of people walk on the procession in order to ''pay'' for their promises (requests). Sometimes they take with them parts of the body made of wax, symbolizing the received favour from the deity.
This takes place every year.
Everyone always awaits the festival of Monte with great anxiety. Often it is the occasion to meet friends and family who left long time ago.
People meet again, regain friendships and have a drink; it is the perfect harmony between sacred and profane.




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